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After Link rescues her, it is revealed that Ganon is behind the capture and breaking Vaati's seal. She and the four Links defeat Ganon and escape from Vaati's tower, and she later reunites the four of them. Twilight Princess marks the first time the Princess Zelda is depicted as the reigning head of state, though she retains the title of princess.

Her throne has been surrendered, however, to the Twilight King Zant to save her people from a war with Zant's superior forces. She is imprisoned in a tower in Hyrule Castle and is uniquely unaffected by the Twilight Realm's magic. It is here that she meets Link, transformed into a wolf by the Twilight Realm's power, and his companion Midna.

She later gives up her power to heal Midna, temporarily losing her physical form in the process.

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Towards the end of the game, she is possessed by Ganondorf and in turn purged by Midna. During the events of Phantom Hourglass , Tetra is turned to stone and kidnapped by a Ghost Ship during their search and is again restored by Link's efforts. Another incarnation, the granddaughter of Tetra. She decides to accompany Link, a railroad engineer, to investigate the disappearance of the railroad tracks called "Spirit Tracks" that serve as chains locking up an evil force.

She is attacked by Chancellor Cole, who hopes to utilize this evil, and her spirit is separated from her body, with Link being the only one who can see her. In her spirit form, she is able to possess Phantom Knights in order to help Link restore the Spirit Tracks, though Link must also help clear her path by eliminating rats due to her musophobia.

This game is the second to show any kind of romantic relationship between her and Link, with them holding hands after the defeat of the final boss. Though not a princess in Skyward Sword , the first Zelda is the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia and the ancestor of the Hylian Royal Family. Zelda is a close childhood friend to Link who grew up with him in Skyloft, having feelings for him. Spirited away in a tornado conjured by the demon lord Ghirahim, Zelda meets the Sheikah Impa who serves as her protector while having her under the means of purifying herself to achieve her destiny.

Revealed to be an incarnation of the goddess Hylia, she is captured by Ghirahim to undo the seal on Demise.

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Luckily, Link saves Zelda's life as Demise is defeated. Soon after returning to Skyloft, Zelda admits to Link that she wishes to live on the surface and Link presumably stays with her. After obtaining the remaining two pendants and drawing the Master Sword, Link pursues Yuga but is made to watch when he turns Zelda into a painting and casts her into the dying world of Lorule. She reveals that everything that had happened in Hyrule was intentionally designed to gather the Triforce so that Hilda can steal it and use its magic to restore Lorule.

After Yuga's death, Zelda and Hilda are returned to normal, but Hilda refuses to accept defeat until Link's own Lorule counterpart Ravio convinces her that she has no right to rob Hyrule of its Triforce. Taking pity on Hilda, Zelda and Link use their Triforce to restore Lorule's own, allowing Hilda's kingdom to flourish once again. In the backstory of Breath of the Wild , Zelda tries to awaken her sacred power but has great difficulty in doing so. This is especially worrisome as Ganon's prophesied return is imminent; she is thus seen as a failure. She finds the training and rituals needed to awaken her power fruitless, instead preferring to research ancient Sheikah relics, much to her father's frustration.

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When Link was appointed as Zelda's personal knight, her insecurities in regards to her inability to awaken her powers came to the surface, resulting in her lashing out at him out of jealousy due to his apparent success in fulfilling his destiny. However, after Link saved Zelda's life, she realized that it was wrong of her to take her frustrations out on him, and tried to befriend him thereafter.

Ganon returns and turns the Guardians and Divine Beasts, ancient Sheikah machinery used to defeat him ten millennia previously, against the Hylians. Link is then placed in stasis in the Shrine of Resurrection and Zelda uses her power to seal Ganon and herself in Hyrule Castle. In the game's present, a century later, Zelda awakens Link so he can destroy Ganon before he breaks free of Hyrule Castle, as her seal is weakening. After Link defeats Ganon, Zelda states that her powers are weakening because she can no longer sense the spirit of the Master Sword , but says that "I can accept that," showing that she is at peace with her personal limits.

She also asks for Link's help to continue her research in order to restore the Hyrule kingdom to its former glory, and he accepts. Although the games are noteworthy as the first time Zelda has been a playable character, the series is generally immensely criticized by fans and not recognized by Nintendo as canon. Zelda is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Her weapons include a rapier and the light arrows which have appeared in several previous Zelda games, as well as the Wind Waker, the titular conductor's baton from the series' entry.

Tetra fights primarily wielding a Cutlass and water magic-infused pistol, though like Princess Zelda can use Light Arrows during certain attacks. Toon Zelda uses her ghostly form to possess a Phantom and fights wielding its sword and shield known as Phantom Arms. In addition to her Phantom, Toon Zelda can also leave it briefly during certain attacks to unleash the power of her spirit. Melee She was first shown in the guise of Sheik, but it was later revealed that Sheik was one of two forms. These forms each have their own unique moves and can switch between them at will, effectively doubling her repertoire.

In the game, both Zelda and Sheik are voiced by Jun Mizusawa. Zelda also appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl Melee , [7] and is based on her appearance in Twilight Princess. An alternate color of Zelda with an appearance similar to that of Super Smash Bros.

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Melee is also available. Both Zelda and Sheik have the same Final Smash, which is the light arrow from Twilight Princess , although there are a few differences depending on which character uses it. Zelda's arrow causes the foe to go diagonally up and Sheik's arrow causes the foe to go to the right or left side, depending on the foe's position.

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In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , Zelda's Final Smash changes to trapping foes in the Triforce of Wisdom while Sheik attacks the enemy with her blade. Super Show. The series loosely followed the original NES Zelda , mixing settings and characters from that game with original creations. Zelda is depicted as a woman warrior with a fiery temper who wears more comfortable and practical garb than the Zelda from the game.

In addition to running the kingdom part-time for her father, King Harkinian , she often accompanies Link on his adventures and is quite skilled with a bow. The series exemplifies a romantic relationship between the two protagonists. Link is always begging Zelda for a kiss; however, even when she agrees to indulge him, it never occurs. They are interrupted by monsters, or Spryte a fairy princess with a crush on Link , or any number of unfortunate circumstances such as something making Zelda so mad she no longer wants to kiss Link.

It is directly revealed by Ganon that Zelda was indeed in love with Link in one episode, and there is no doubt of their romantic relationship in this series.

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Thirteen of these cartoon episodes were produced before the cancellation of The Super Mario Bros. Zelda was voiced by Cyndy Preston in the TV series. In the show, she was wearing a purple sweater, a light blue shirt, pink leggings, and brown thigh-length boots. A slightly altered version of this cartoon Zelda with messier hair and a slightly more revealing version of the same clothing appeared in assorted episodes in the second season of Captain N: The Game Master.

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