The Witch House

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Hit the pumpkin. Make the clock tick.

The History Of The House

Once all that's been done, the upper-right door in the piano room will open. HINT: The painting ladies are looking across the room at something. But which one has blue eyes? Q: I can't figure out the "Eye Studies" book. HINT: Check the dresser mirror or open the menu for an extra bit of information.

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A: Check the wall opposite the painting of the black-haired woman. Q: The door won't open in the room with the paintings. A: Hit the big pumpkin four times. Q: What's the answer to the riddle? A: A clock. A: The door will be locked. Strike the wall where the woman painting used to be. Q: How do I play the music box? HINT: "12" involves the playing cards in the room on the right.

A: Use the Queen key. When you exit into the hall with the music box playing, your answer will be judged. Q: How do I get the clock to make sound?

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A: Push the red chair in front of the clock, climb up, and use whatever key you have left. A: Once you've talked to her, go back and take a look at the previous room. A: Return the gold chopsticks to where they were. The correct location is in the ribs.

A: Match the dolls with the color of the pedestals. Q: Where's the medicine? HINT: The powder from the yellow flowers A: Talk to the yellow flower on the bottom to hear its request. Just talking to it is fine. Afterward, talk to the red grasses and ask them about how to X. Then, X the white flower, talk to the yellow flowers, and you'll get the white powder.

Q: What's the proper way to X? HINT: Ask the red grasses, but remember what you read about them. A: "Plucking. A: It's deep in the dark area. Go there once you get something to light your way. Q: How can I light my way?

The Dark History of the Salem Witch House -

HINT: When the white flowers are touched by rain A: Get the empty bottle from the shelf in the poison room. Get the petals from the plucked white flower. In the room with the skulls, line them up correctly, then pull the lever. This will pour water into the room with the big hole. Combine the petals, bottle, and water to make a glowing bottle. Q: These creepy plants are in the way.

A: After giving the white powder to the prisoner, pry open the toppled birdcage. Q: Where can I get skulls? A: Under a table in the yellow flower room. After asking the red grasses how to X, on the chair next to the Talkative Plants book. On one of the shelves in the poison room - it's random as of 1.

In the pot on the way to the room with lined-up skulls. Q: I don't get how to arrange the skulls. HINT: Starting in the center, he turns his head front, right, left From the center, is there a logical route that follows the repeating front-right-left pattern? Don't overthink how the soldier orients himself; a skull facing left from your perspective is always "left.

A front-facing skull is in the center - where does it go from there? A: Here's the solution. Q: The skeleton wall A: You can leave by mashing the confirm button. There's no item to get. This event can be ignored. HINT: "Let them bleed," because they're bloody.

Witch House, Salem: Address, Phone Number, Witch House Reviews: 4/5

A: Use the red shoes in front of the water to wash the blood off. Q: The number door NOTE: This puzzle was removed from newer versions. HINT 1: Check the corners of the room. HINT 2: Four numbers, and a four-digit code. Which means HINT 3: The numbers are all single digits from 0 to 9. The key to the puzzle is the upper-right. If it's only one digit after being multiplied by , what digit would it have to be?

A: A: Combine it with the headless doll. Put that doll on the pedestal in the room where you arranged the dolls. Ending Split There are two endings. They split off after the very last save.

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Whether you get the item in the forest afterward or not has no bearing. While there are only two distinct endings, there are a number of things you likely may have missed. If you backtrack before the end, some things earlier on have changed.

Most notably, additional books appear in the 2F library as you progress and read certain diaries. After getting the true ending, "A Funny Story" in the library changes to a book about Ellen. This is stored in PublicData at the very end of the game, and is reset if you start a new game. Thus, you should keep a save prior to the witch's room and load it after the credits. You can go through the whole game without talking to the black cat, proving you don't need his help.

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