Sex after Sixty

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Post menopausal women needn't worry about unplanned pregnancy. That's a plus. But many of us need to add commercial lubrication to any sexual interactions and both have to deal with decreased desire levels. Also, the reality is that older women in this society usually have a harder time finding acceptable sexual partners. For men erections will not be as pop-up ready as they were in youth and, for many, that's a good thing. Sexual interactions can go at a more leisurely pace, providing more sensual pleasure for both parties.

Men who were quick on the trigger in youth will either have learned some ejaculatory control or Mother Nature may have provided some. Sex can not only last longer but need not be as goal oriented or ejaculation-centered, again a plus for both sexes. While by no means a magic bullet, how lucky we are that Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are now available to ageing men when they were not at previous times.

So there are plusses and minuses for sex at an older age. Those who find the emphasis on the positive changes to be found in sex as we age are likely to be the type who habitually look at the glass as half full. Those who dwell on the negative effects of age on sex will have a lifelong half-empty glass outlook. One's whole life, not only limiting this to one's sex life, is likely to be enhanced if one is determined to see the necessary changes of age as merely differences not necessarily deficiencies.

One of the key measurements of good health is to be able to take changes in stride and adapt to and with them. If one can not do that, or just gives up on sex because it isn't what it once was, it is only then that one is truly old. I'm a mere 64, my wife of 20 years is a delicious year-old, and, Isadora, we fully endorse everything you have written here.

The two of us really have no idea if our sex life was better 20 years ago than it is now and, anyway, there is no point in making comparisons. What we can say is that it is different, in just the kind of ways that your article suggests. I'm inclined to the view that we all have a life script from which it is very difficult to break away. Amongst many other things, the script determines how we respond to aging in our attitudes and behaviour.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Sex in Your 50s and 60s

This may appear to be a rather fatalistic notion. On the other hand, it may be written in a negative type of script that new, more postive insights will come into play at some later stage of life.

Hormonal Changes

Perhaps this where a therapist can lead the way to a breakthrough, even in a short article such as this. PS - As an engineer, I would like to suggest that it is not a matter of a glass being half-full nor half-empty; rather it is a matter of the glass being badly chosen and not fit for purpose. Obviously, magazine editors at Prevention feel differently! I'm trying to get my head around a big problem I have..

My libido started dropping off in early 50's and I am now at a stage with a loving new wife where I cannot perform even with the aid of Viagra.. I still have erections in the morning so the system is still working but have no real interest when offered the opportunity.. What does the forum and you in particular think. Tried with a younger woman and was accused of using her as a lab rat..?? To get the responses of Sexuality Forum members you have to post on the Forum. Sign up and do so. It's free.

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My own response is that you do, indeed, have a problem. Whether it's physical or mainly psychological would need to be determined. I strongly suggest a doctor's exam first and a consultation with a sex therapist next. This is especially fantastic, because women in this age bracket previously viewed this period as an age where their sex life was behind them.

Because these women are enjoying a healthy sex life, there are numerous positive outcomes. Most importantly, many women experience a restored sense of well-bring, which even spills over into their physical vitality e. When people are in their 60s, they are typically at a tranquil place spiritually because they have a true understanding of who they are and the challenges of child rearing are long behind them.

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This tranquility coupled with replacement of lost hormones has given women back their vitality and their sex lives. This degree of physical, emotional and sexual well-bring provides the perfect environment for any necessary vaginal surgery. Ultimately, options are available to enhance your sex life, even after 60! I am as vibrant and beautiful as I was at 18 and have all of the energy I did then.

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I am also a sophomore in college. I have never paid attention to age stuff.

People think I am in my 40'sexcellent genes! You obviously have good genes but attitude and diet has probably played a part as well. People think I'm much younger than my 68 years and I act accordingly, just the system is dysfunctional I get a kick out of all these articles about sexual decline at You probably take a daily vitamin … Seventy-two percent of Americans 65 and older take dietary supplements — up from 62 percent in , a study in JAMA showed.

Most popular: vitamin D. One in 3 people in their 60s have low levels of B12, a vitamin essential for producing red blood cells, maintaining healthy nerves, building DNA and more. You need a blood sugar check … One in 4 Americans 65 and older have type 2 diabetes — the kind of high blood sugar spurred by excess belly fat, inactivity and aging. Just 43 percent of people in their 60s get 30 minutes of exercise five times a week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC reports. And just 1 in 5 exercise hard enough to break a sweat. You may be salt sensitive … The older you get, the more likely it is that eating salt will raise your blood pressure.

Roughly 95 percent of men and 80 percent of women in their 60s consume at least 2, milligrams more salt per day than is healthy. Get mammograms and colon cancer screenings regularly.

Sex after sixty.

They can increase protection by up to 24 percent over the standard vaccine. That is, if you quit smoking now. In a recent CDC study, among former smokers who quit in their 60s, the risk of dying was 23 percent lower than it was for current smokers. Learn about health discoveries, explore brain games and read great articles in the 'Your Health' Newsletter.

Strong muscles help you stay independent and energetic. But aging depletes 20 percent of muscle mass by the time you're The life-changing fix? Strength training. Try this. Bring in experts. First, talk to your doctor about how much and what type of strength training are best for you. Then work with an instructor or trainer to learn proper form. Aim for 2 sessions of 20 to 30 minutes each week. If so, talk to your doctors. There are many ways to treat ED or, at the very least, manage or work around it. Surgical procedures, vacuum devices, and medications are among the things your doctor may recommend.

A quick trip to the drug store can solve that problem.

Sex After Sixty

A water-based lubricant is usually effective and available over the counter. This can also provide extra motivation to experiment with different forms of foreplay that can more effectively induce physical arousal. Your body will change as you age. This is inevitable for everyone and, as a result, sex will change as well.

You may find that certain forms of intimacy are no longer easy or possible. And while this may be frustrating, you can try to see this as an opportunity. Try new things, explore each other's bodies, and discover new sources of pleasure. For example, AARP says that intimate acts like hand massage, oral sex, and toys are alternatives couples can turn to. Even something as simple as a foot massage or a long embrace with kisses can feel good.

These may seem like small things, but they can redefine sex for both of you. Sexual health is an integral part of overall health and well-being.

How Your Sex Life Can Change After 60

Don't give up on your own sexual health just because things are different. Talk to your partner and explore what you're both comfortable with. Intimacy can be strong and make you happy, no matter your age. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life.