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The DVD specials include an extended version of the song with the lyric, and the full, unedited version apparently a different "take" is found on the soundtrack CD. Arnall is also sometimes credited with the version of "Cocaine Blues" written and recorded by Billy Hughes also in For instance, Hughes has the Cocaine Kid, not Willy Lee, killing "his woman and a rounder, too" in Tulsa , being captured in El Paso , and sentenced to "ninety-nine years way down in Mac.

Hank Thompson's Blues

For you'll become an addict and blow your lid. Take a look at what it did to the Cocaine Kid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hank Thompson - Deep Elm Blues

For the Kerry Greenwood novel, see Cocaine Blues novel. For the Escort song, see Escort band.

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Not to be confused with Cocaine song. Cocaine Blues excerpt as performed by Johnny Cash. Hot Country Songs to Record Research, Inc. Retrieved Playstation Lifestyle. Available on cassette and digitally. So old, they're new again!

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Retro and, dare we say, trendy! Get them while we still got 'em! Just tell us in the special instructions section which title s you want. Read all about albums below, check out the track lists, and even sample some songs. New Deal of Love 2.

Hank Thompson’s Blues – The Brooklyn Rail

A Lonely Heart Knows 3. Don't Take it Out On Me 4.

Rub-A-Dub-Dub 5. Simple Simon 6.

kinun-houju.com/wp-content/herudonik/4643.php If Lovin' You is Wrong 7. When You're Lovin' You're Livin' 8. Westphalia Waltz 9.

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I'm Tired of Pretending My Front Door is Open California Women I'll Be Your Sweetheart for a Day Don't Be That Way Yesterday's Mail Theodore Hamm. Based on the true story of how one man rose to the heights of baseball glory only to fall into the depths of prison, Hank Thompson's Blues recounts the life of the third black player in the major leagues.

Hank Thompson starred for the New York Giants in the World Series before his drinking problems ruined his promising baseball career. Out of a job only two seasons after the '54 Series, within a decade Thompson found himself in the Texas prison system. Hank Thompson's Blues follows Thompson from his ascent through the Negro Leagues and winter ball in Cuba, to his rising stardom with the New York Giants, to his downward slide in Harlem and beyond.