Dracula’s Double

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The only way to truly kill a vampire is to kill Dracula herself.

Junsu on Dracula's key numbers and double casting

Still, Espen guarantees anybody who can prove he or she donated blood in the month of October can attend the soiree free of charge. And Espen was happy to drop more hints on what might go down at the wedding — egging on potential wedding guests to simply see for themselves. Reception, 11 p.

Dracula's Risen

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Although doubling often refers to duality within a single character, it can also be seen in other aspects of a Gothic text that embody change, diametric oppositions which break down, and the resulting threats to assumption. In addition, The Monk explores the balance between order and revolution, as well as the apparent need for patriarchy to resolve feminine threats.

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Through this opposition, Dracula conflicts modern science and old superstition, as well as gender roles and power dynamics through sexuality, suggesting as The Monk does that these are subject to shifts. Further doubling can be seen in the cultural crossover between Transylvania and England, with the sense that Harker can be seen as yet another double for the Count. The need to maintain such an immaculate public image suggests a repression which morphs novelty into brutality, arguably making Ambrosio a result rather than a cause. The Monk pioneered, in this respect with Catholicism, themes which would define subsequent generations of literary texts.


Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Rio Theatre

In terms of style, although an attuned modern reader may see a multitude of influences in The Monk , a defined opposition is evident between the two popular genres of the time. Villain, resign your hopes of pardon.

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Doubling can also be seen in the juxtaposition of order with revolution, with the sense that small chains of events can easily overturn the status quo. The incensed Populace, confounding the innocent with the guilty, had resolved to sacrifice all the Nuns of that order to their rage, and not to leave one stone of the building upon another Thus, Lewis suggests that the barrier between order and chaos is in constant danger of collapse, as any such resolution have the inherent potential of the return of chaos, should such a monster be released again.

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