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Des is a great narrator! Great podcast full of great information about the boer war, very informative and delivered in a great way. Apple Podcasts Preview.

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  • How To Money. How To Money Australia. Bristling at that, Gwede Mantashe, the ANC secretary-general, shot back: "There is no section of the population that has a monopoly on anger and disaffection.

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    Murray's painting The Spear, conversely, was the work of a white artist and anti-apartheid activist who believed Zuma is fair game for criticism and has made his sex life a public issue. Opponents in the ANC and beyond argued that it was offensive in a context where black people have suffered centuries of objectification and humiliation. Too soon. Yet there was also dispute over whether nudity and satire can be said to be "unAfrican" and whether "traditional African culture" is really a fixed, monolithic set of values that Murray had transgressed.

    With battle lines drawn, both cases called for some healthy South African pragmatism and reconciliation, and both were ultimately settled out of court. Less inspiringly, there is a lingering suspicion that factional squabbles inside the ANC were the guiding hand. As for Shoot the Boer, it was time to starve Malema of the oxygen of publicity after a two-year legal fight which included a high court ruling that that it was "hate speech" , after which Malema continued to sing the song but with the words Shoot the Boer changed to Kiss the Boer. Mantashe naturally denied that Wednesday's deal was struck because Malema is now a thorn in Zuma's side.

    The high-profile nature of the case would also mean Malema would again be in the spotlight. Only this time, sharing platforms alongside the ANC leaders who had cast him out.

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    Tolsi added: "If Mantashe and the ANC have ceded ground on a noble deepening of South Africa's definition of freedom of speech and hate speech for party political reasons, then they would appear to be singing to the tune of the boers in its historical sense. It seems everyone has skin in the game. Topics South Africa Guardian Africa network.

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