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Most of them also are very intelligent, contributing a lot to the world in ways of invention, art and science. Religious people are often more kind and positive because they believe that this world as a whole has a purpose. These carvings remind me ancient Slavic idols. Have you seen this post? An experiment.

I suppose everyone goes through numerous depressive phases in life and they manage it in different ways.

In general, I agree religious people are often more kind but conversely they are also some of the most hypocritical people walking the planet. Guy in the link also is crazy. Amazing job and commitment. But I doubt I appreciate his idea.

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  • World's largest tree house burns to the ground.
  • God's Tree House Academy | Preschool | Morris Drive, Harrodsburg, KY.

Such a huge efforts - and inhabitant place? As I mentioned, someone lived there for a while but it's not practicable as there are no showers, plumbing or electricity.

God's Tree House: Crossville, Tennessee - In the end only kindness matters

So, basic needs must be taken care of outside the tree house. But I think his dedication to the project deserves admiration, even if you think his idea is crazy.

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Very nice. This is what I call dedication.

It's a pity he can't make full use of the structure. I recently came across the website of a retreat in the jungle of Peru that has the most amazing treehouses I've ever seen. Those tree houses are really amazing.

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Actually some readers in the U. When you speak to him about this tree house, there's real sparkle and life in his eyes. What a construction! I'm even afraid to imagine how much work this man put in the house.

In Kidsworld, kids in Kindergarten-5th Grade begin to discover God's plan for them as they connect with God, leaders and friends. Join us with your kids Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning October 2nd from am during the school year. Treehouse Playdays will not occur on non-school or snow days.

We want everyone to have an incredible worship experience and feel that coming to church every Sunday was well worth the effort! A weirwood face among the statues of gods from many religions kept in the House of Black and White in Braavos. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, though the Faith of the Seven generally supplanted the Old Gods, the latter is worshipped by the northmen, crannogmen, and the free folk. There are exceptions in both cases, however.

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There are still several major and minor Houses in southern Westeros that worship the Old Gods, mostly in the Riverlands but fading out further away from the North. The biggest example is House Blackwood , one of the major noble Houses of the Riverlands, which continues to worship the Old Gods. Throughout the rest of Westeros one might find a scattered assortment of lesser Houses or even individual families who still keep to the Old Gods, tucked away in isolated places like mountain ranges, etc.

For example, given their First Men heritage, the hill tribes of the Vale most likely worship the Old Gods. Conversely, while most inhabitants of the North worship the Old Gods, there are a few exceptions who worship the Seven.

God's Tree House Academy

Several centuries ago, a major House from the Reach, House Manderly , fled to the North and was rewarded with land by the Starks for their services. House Manderly continued to worship the Seven, and they are the only one of the leading noble Houses of the North to do so, but they get along well with their neighbors who worship the Old Gods. Also, noble ladies who come from the south to live in the North as part of marriage alliances may also continue to worship the Seven.

watch This was the case with Catelyn Stark , and for Ned's love of her, he had a small sept built at Winterfell to accommodate members of her household that she brought with her, such as Septa Mordane. The faith of the Old Gods of the Forest would appear to be a form of animism, as it lacks specific identities for any particular deity in its belief system.

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