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I don't know when I have enjoyed a book so much. I forgot that these are magical creatures and simply made them people.

Some kind and good some evil and wicked, having had the chance to change but don't, and some who don't have the courage they need until things get so bad they have to act. Others simply ignorant.


A gift that keeps on giving – a hour chronicle of K1 WC – The Raven Express

A true adventure, a quest, some giving all for the greater good. I galloped through this book, staying up into the wee small hours. The next one I will take more slowly and savour it Thunder-sprite 'Strike' is a new illustration, showing everyone's favourite critter from Raven's Wand - a thunder-sprite, or in this case three of them, plus a kraken steam-suit hovering and getting blown up in the background. Strike is named after Sunday's thunder-sprite in Flowers of Fate.

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He will be signing books and creating Dark Raven Art on our stand. You will also meet with Kolfinnia and Sunday Flowers. Feel free to dress up as your favourite character and have your photo taken with Steve and the Witches! Create your personal Almanac.

View Our Books. Flowers of Fate - Book Two A lone witch awakens in a strange land uncertain how she came to be there.

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More info. It is important to working class people to be able to show others that writing is real work, and should be compensated. Many of these voices would never have been heard outside of Raven.

Raven Chronicles, Vol. 26: Last Call

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Phil left to pursue other projects at least ten years ago. I consider that a part of the Raven Chronicles , too, in its own way. We have a group of writers who serve as the board, and a higher profile advisory board.

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